myRotacol Special:

by Mystery88


It all began when I went to the new sector: Canis 9502, to get some new roid cords for the site.

When I got to Aman Hook, the sector that leads to Canis, I laid my eyes on the new horror for the first time: A Conflux Infestation of a JumpGate! It was Pink, with bulges on its apexes (it was shaped as a triangle, to fit the shape of the JG ) from which pink particles came out, like that thing was… breathing.

After I got over the initial shock, I quickly returned to Amananth station and armed myself with two Cobras. I returned to Aman Hook, only to find out that Aman Hook itself was now blocked by an Infestation!

Again, I returned to Amananth station to call for help and accompanied by new pilots, I flew to The Gyre and attacked the Infestation, only to be attacked by a C9 Sentient! I am a miner, not a fighter, so I quickly escaped.

After the Sent was destroyed, we resumed out attack on the Infestation. With guns, lasers, missile, and a number of flights back to the station for rearming ( with no help from the TRI Enforcer that was watching everything ) we finally destroyed the Infestation, only to find another Infestation blocking the way to Canis. We where smarter that time, and we tried to see if it had a weak spot, or did one type of laser harmed it more. After a lot of time ( and a lot of failures to destroy the Infestation ), I decided to go back.

However, at that moment the Infestation… disappeared. I was glad, although somewhat suspicious:  When we tried to destroy the first Infestation, it shrunk at first, as if we harmed it, but later we could hear a Sentient Song coming from it. Than it just disappeared. The second Infestation gave up a lot quicker.

I began to turn back when a KTRI message appeared, telling all the pilots at Aman Hook ( about 50 were there at the time ) to exit the sector immediately.
But KTRI was too late: The JG that led to The Gyre was again blocked by an Infestation. With despair and fear I watched 3 pilots enter through the JG, so I followed, sure that if nothing happened to them, nothing could happen to me.

I was wrong.

The Conflux lured us to Canis 9502. They made it easy for us to jump to Canis. When we saw the C6 waiting for us there, we tried to escape, only to find the JG was again covered with an Infestation.

So I, the Solrain pilot Sikes and another Quantar pilot called Rapesheep were stuck in a sector full of C6, with debris of a station that suspiciously looked like Amananth. After yelling several times: I’m a Miner, Not a Fighter! And shooting at the Infestation and the C6’s, I ran out of ammo.

The C6 were gone, and than things got really creepy: Sikes couldn’t see me, raderhead went through a beacon to find information and disappeared.

After attempts to get the attention of Sikes ( who could talk to me but couldn’t see me or fly anywhere ), Sikes disappeared too. And so I was alone… or did I? After feeling really really sorry for myself, I saw a C9 coming to me. After I tried talking to him ( I won’t hurt you; who are you; what do you want? were some of the questions. Hey, I was scared out of my mind, o.k.? ), I followed him, only to get beamed to Last Parsec with Sikes.

We quickly went to Amananth station. I learned from my friends that the Infestation were still there, and nothing seems to destroy them. I said goodbye to Sikes ( I couldn’t find Rapesheep anywhere ) and logged off.

And thats it.