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stickymyRotacol back online!   by miq (2014-01-18 22:33:13)

As of Jan.14,2014, the myRotacol pages are back online. Now hosted under the domain. Many links do not work, some things are a mess, and online services have only partially been restored. Sorry for the hassle.

Important links:

(Web Asteroid Database)
(JGRotPro Download Page)

Fly Safe.

stickyJGRotPro Patch for Roid Database download   by miq (2014-01-19 13:40:38)

A patch for JGRotPro is available: Activating version check and roid database download and market check from new domains. Thanks to Daniel.

Please follow these instructions:

- Rename your JGrotPro.exe to e.g. JGRotPro_Original.exe
- Note: starting JGRP with any other name than the original one will bring up the program as normal, but inhibit in-game communication.
- Download patched test exe from here: and place into application folder
- Start patched JGRP. Roid database file "MyRotacol.dat" should now be checked and downloaded.
- You can manually trigger a download of data with Setup->Roid Database->Update


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