myRotacol Special:

the sleeping sentinent... THE SLEEPING SENTINENT

I had just docked my TOW to Quantar Core, and was going to have some Octavia Light at the bar. Nothing special, just a normal workday’s eve. Suddenly, someone screamed “Sentinel outside ! Help !”.

Uh. Big chaos. Pilots running to their fighters. Station personnel arming defense drones. Local ensurance agents calculating new rates.

My reaction was fast and the same as always: Steal some beer from the bar while no one present, and hide under my bed. Hey, I’m a miner, not a fighter ! But, bad luck. Finally, some defense recruting officer found me and forced me to engage. So, I went down to the RENT-A-PHOON shop, got myself a special offer and launched.

There were several ‘C8 Kraken’ around. Lots of shooting. And some clone ships, too.

To make a long story short: I achieved all my fighting goals: “Don’t kill another pilot. Don’t hit a ‘roid. At least try to see your enemy one time before running”. That I did, yes.

As the battle ended, one last C8 left station sector and headed to OmniV. Of course, I decided to follow and threaten the fleeing enemy with my very pure existance.

Imagine my surprise, as we both reached RoundsOfQuantos, and the Kraken slowed down shortly after having passed the jumpgate to HyperionGate ! I prepared for a fight, knowing I would not survive (wanted to wear my “Hamalzah is my Hero” cap, too, but couldn’t find it).

But the sentinent did not attack. It just drifted there in space. So, I approached it. Nearer and nearer. Brrrr. Never thought I could get that near alive. Then, suddenly, I realized: IT MUST BE SLEEPING ! Exhausted from previous fightings, it just fell into deep deep sleep !

I surrounded the vehicle many times, getting the interesting snapshots you see below. Finally, I even tried to awaken it by shooting at it with low intensity lasers. But it didn’t work..

Time went by. Then, as I came up with some weird ideas about sexual things one can do on a sleeping sentinent, my squad mates (still on F2 channel) asked me to stop. Enough is enough.


So I left the scene, praising Hamalzah for his glory, and went back to QC. As I’m a peaceful man, I didn’t kill the sleeping C8, of course. Perhaps it dreamt of fluxie-heaven, or of purple galaxies. Who ever knows ?

Pilot Miquant
observer of the sleeping sentinent