PK Miquant as of TRI102.10.1.    myRotacol Special:

 Wanted Dead Or Alive:
 The Temp myRotacol Outlaw

"How is THAT possible ?", you will ask...

(TRI 102.10.1.) myRotacol, known for its peaceful behaviour, a squad dedicated to mining and things. Never done any war, never participated in PvP. All fine. Now, imagine this:

Brother Miquant sitting in his beloved Harmattan Light Miner, flying through Quant space, singing a popular Hamalzah-praising song (as usual). Suddenly, a small member of the Conflux appears.
No problem to deal with. Our brave pilot decides to continue his journey to Quantar Core, delivering fine ore products. The flux doesn't "roll with him", anyway. So, it is targetting someone else for its aggressive actions.

Ah, but wait a moment ! Who is it on ? Stepping through radar targets brings up the answer: It is Pilot Timmsk, mining for Hamalzah's glory (fine man that...).

While proceeding to the next jumpgate, Miq notices that the flux already attacks the other miner. Hence, no reaction by his ship. His shields go down. A quick question on F1 remains unanswered.
Beeing the brave one you know (uh?), Miq decides to help. No alien life form shall be allowed to interupt good ol' mining work !

He turns his ship, sets new course towards the helpless (as beeing afk, that is). But, no, distance is too long for the loaded mining ship. The attacked miner's shields are already down, he is running on armor.
There is only one solution left. Targetting the C1, Miquant launches a HellRazor missile to extinct this annoying alien lifeform.

The missile is approaching the conflux, while it still circles around the damaged miner's ship, reducing armor further and further.

But - appearantly beeing misguided by the C1's circling (and having some cheap electronics built in), the HellRazor missile...

(line intentionally left blank to increase tension)

...hits the wounded miner ship, sending the according pilot in a pod to the next station.


Our brave hero was totally stunned. He received -15 quant pol rating, a bounty was put on his head, several *bloody* medals and a dedicated message on TRI-BOUNTY appeared within a few seconds. The F2 channel went "WAAAAA".

He was so stunned that the still present member of the conflux even managed to down his ship, too.
After a short journey in his pod, he woke up at Quantar Depot, beeing unable to trade and buy equipment (due to the neg pol rating), having a unchangeable flight registry as Honor Guard.

Pilot Timmsk was soon contacted afterwards. He accepted an apology (and received a reasonable sum of money to compensate his losses).
Yes, folks, that is how we got a temp outlaw in our squad. And it even was the squad leader himself.
I'm still working to bring up my Quant pol ratings again, and it will be done soon. But - aaaah - look at my stats: I will never get rid of this "Quant Kills: 1" entry. Hamalzah forgive me.


Proof of shame, recorded by squad member CrashBang shortly after the incident:

proof of shame...